The Unexamined Life

An interactive narrative project designed as an online experience. The project is a collaboration between Levi Hammett and writer Claire Holroyde. The interface explores the concept of distance and travel as they relate to human relationships. These interface concepts mirror the themes within the text which is a collection of nonlinear micro-narratives that can be read in any order, yet tell the story of a single character. The interface itself was designed to create a sense of space and distance allowing a user to plot points across an empty map in order to chart intersections and reveal narrative fragments.

Exhibitions & Publications:

Hammett, Levi., & Clair Holroyde. The Unexamined Life (Interactive website). Festival de Arte Digital, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (Juried, Group Exhibition & DVD catalogue, International). 2007.

Hammett, Levi., & Clair Holroyde. The Unexamined Life (Interactive website). Born Magazine, Portland, Oregon, USA. (Juried, Online Magazine, International) 2006.
Concept: Levi Hammett.
Writing and Story: Clair Holroyde.
Programing: Levi Hammett.
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