Emergent Landscapes

The primary concerns of the work are captured in a description of the project by writer Ben East, in a review of work on display in Dubai in 2014:
This iPad app allows users to explore an endless, procedurally generated cultural data visualization charting the disappearing urban patterns of the city of Doha in Qatar.” 
This infinite cityscape was created as a method of documenting and celebrating a disappearing urban identity that is unique to the Arabian Peninsula.
The application itself models a simplified landscape operating in a single spatial dimension (a scrolling panorama) with a coupled temporal dimension that progresses through a day/night cycle as the user scrolls the view either left or right (left moving back in time, and right moving forward). As a user scrolls the display, districts and areas are procedurally generated, with sizes and relative locations that are based on actual data gathered from areas of Doha, Qatar. The generated patterns function as a cultural data visualization, highlighting architectural styles, population densities, and urban patterns of use.
Hammett, Levi., Pornprapha Phatanateacha, & Maryam Al Homaid. Emergent Landscapes. iOS application. 2013.

Exhibitions & Publications:

ISEA 2014: The 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art, A4 Gallery, Dubai, UAE. With Maryam Al Homaid. (Juried, Group Exhibition, International). November, 2014.

Khaleeji Contemporary. DFI Film Festival, Katara Art Center, Doha, Qatar. (Juried, Group Exhibition, National). 27-30 November, 2013.

Spaces and Flows Conference, Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Juried, International). 22 November, 2013.

Hybrid Making Exhibition, The Black Box, Doha, Qatar. (Juried, Group Exhibition, Catalog, International). 2013.
Concept: Levi Hammett, & Pornprapha Phatanateacha.
Visual Design: Levi Hammett, & Maryam Al Homaid.
Programing: Levi Hammett.
Visual Production Assistance: Filza Khan, Boqin Peng, & Michael Walker.
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