Population Blocks

Population Blocks is a set of wood blocks conceived as a mechanism for users to tangibly engage with the vast proportional disparities inherent in the population of Qatar. Each block is designed as a physical representation of specific socioeconomic archetypes identified within the population. The blocks utilize color to code each figure into a particular socioeconomic sector. The graphics and forms themselves follow a grid of 1 cm3 units (1 x 1 x 1 cm) using a simplified color palette to render only the primary visual features that define a given socioeconomic group. 
This set of blocks is carved from wood, surface finished using hand­tools, and colored with acrylic with a non­toxic finishing varnish applied for durability.
Hammett, Levi., & Maryam Al Homaid. Population Blocks. Set of 20 figures, Acrylic on wood. 10cm x 3cm x 1cm. 2016.
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